"Thanks to Maya I was able to keep in shape both before and after the birth.
Her classes not only helped to keep me fit, but introduced me to new friends. 
She gave me tips and advice for the birth and how to have a safe and speedy recovery afterwards and her enthusiasm is infectious!
I would highly recommend her classes to every new mum or mum to be!"
Nicola Braybrook with Freddie


"I have been doing Maya's prenatal and post natal classes since March 09 and I look forward to every class.  She is so enthusiastic and passionate but also extremely knowledgable about pregnancy and exercise. I did her prenatal class until I was 40 weeks pregnant and being active to the very end allowed me to keep in shape much better than I thought I would!  I also loved meeting other mums to be and new Mum's at the post natal classes.  It was great to make new friends and see the babies each week, even though as Harry gets more active each week I find myself running after him instead of mastering the step!  Thanks for all your encouragement Maya - I love your energy".
Carolyn Berg with Harry 

"I really dislike exercise classes. I am not very coordinated or naturally active.
After having a baby at 41, however, I knew it was essential to try and get back into shape. I took my friend Pene's recommendation and went along to Maya's class. It was like magic... jazzy and funky and fun and mellow without being easy. I don't know how she does it, but Maya actually makes me feel graceful. I've managed to master some of the STEP routines and love the feeling it gives me. I always find myself smiling at myself in the mirrors on a Thursday morning. The class is totally baby friendly, but still ambitious and grown-up. When I decided to go back to work part-time I chose my work days to ensure that I could still do my Thursday morning class. I think Maya is really talented and her
classes are a fabulous experience."
Gill Bassett and Leon.
"I have been doing Maya's pre and post natal classes throughout all three     pregnancies and even longer than intended in most cases until the older ones were three...  I can only sing her praises. Maya is the most dedicated, warm, caring and fantastic trainer that one can hope to get at a time in your life when you feel very fragile and delicate. I loved the classes, felt a change in my body and general well being. It was great fun to be part of the wonderful workouts."

Reisa Miller with Jessie, Zevic and Aria

"I have been taking Maya's Pre-natal and post-natal classes for three and a half years! Three pregnancies and two babies! Her classes are brilliant; fun, effective and friendly! I find that she pushes me at just the right level, I get results but don't feel incompetent. After my first baby I reached a level of strength and weight loss greater than before I had ever been pregnant.  Another great result is that I had symphis pubis dysfunction (SPD which is ouch!) for two pregnancies and was told I would have it in every subsequent pregnancy. But third time round I was free of SPD and I am convinced it was from the targeted exercise (which were the same as I had been advised in Obstetric Physiotherapy). Maya is really knowledgeable and understanding of women's pre/post-natal bodies and the demands on new (and old) Mums.
She integrates her specialist knowledge into sound sane advice peppered throughout the classes. She gives personalised attention and promotes strength and posture  to assist with among other things breastfeeding and birth. I have to say that at times these classes have been the highlight of my week and helped get through the very intense transformation into motherhood. Maya thanks for your passion!"

Pene Reynolsdon with George and Riley

"It's now 6 months since I had my baby girl and I feel pretty much back to normal in terms of physical fitness. Both before and after the birth I tried to keep up a regular fitness sessions by attending Maya's classes. Pre-natally, i found her very inspirational not only in terms of keeping myself as physically fit as possible under the circumstances, but I found her uplifting, positive attitude and approach to fitness, well-being and pregnancy very encouraging and a boost to my confidence. As a first-time mum I was nervous about the whole, life-changing event of pregnancy, birth and bringing a whole new person into the world.

Now, 6 months post-natally, I have nearly returned to my pre-pregnancy body. I continue to enjoy Maya's classes both for the physical activity and for the general feeling of well-being an confidence she inspires!"

Becky McCall

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Thank you all for your kind words!

Maya x