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Personal Training

Get that personal one-on-one attention in the comfort of your own home and at your chosen time £65 or in the studio £45.

A unique programme tailored to achieve your goals, identifying your special needs and working with your personal abilities.


Prenatal Personal Training.

Every woman's body is different and so is every pregnancy. Pregnancy personal training will allow the instructor to provide unique work for the trimester you are in. Building up towards your labor, preparing your body to reach that important moment at your best. Empowering you by increasing your confidence in your body and your ability to perform. Teaching you techniques of control, utilizing energy through breathing and relaxation. Keeping your muscles toned and enhancing postural alignment so you are strong and ready to care for your newborn.


Postnatal Personal Training.
Not only every women's body and pregnancy are different, but paste of recovery after labor differs greatly as well. Personal training after birth allows the instructor to identify the stage your at, to tailor the work that will benefit you most and focus on your progression. You are the centre of this unique set up and it is your choice to have the baby in the session or have the time completely to yourself. If you wish, workout can be designed to include your baby in an active role so you continue bonding with him all throughout the session.
60 min - Private £ 65 

90 mins post delivery care - £120

10% discount on Block booking - please contact for further details.
Aqunatal Personal Training.
Got a pool? We've got the perfect exercise for you! The buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and natural resistance of water makes it an ideal medium for exercise during pregnancy, in particular the later stages when the extra weight may make other forms of exercise too tiring or too difficult to perform and is wonderfully relaxing and strengthening for those who have recently given birth. It is therapeutic and supportive, giving you the freedom to stretch & tone far beyond your capability on dry land, resulting in the optimum workout for you and your baby. Exercising in water offers a wonderful calming and soothing experience of weightlessness, and prevents over straining of joints and ligaments.
Private £ 65                        (Instructor in  pool with you)
With a friend £ 90                (Instructor in pool with you)
Small group (3 - 5) £ 120      (Instructor teaches from pool side)
10% discount on Block booking - please contact for further details.