Being on the ball - m
uscle toning during pregnancy 
Prepare for your growing bump, labour & baby!

Which is heavier? - the weights or the baby?

Mums can choose to work with their babies


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Pelvic floor workout & smiling - that's multitasking!

You can choose to have the baby with you at any point of the class



Preparing for life - baby watching mum work hard...

Baby can stay in bugy or car seat or join the 'baby gang' in the toy area







Pregnancy challenge - the real challenge is yet to come!

Safe, non patronizing approach to prenatal exercise



Watching mummy exercise is hard work...

Who is working harder? - mother and baby exercise
Babies are always welcome to join in and they love it! 


Bouncing on the ball - Who's enjoying it more?
Strengthening core muscles can be fun for baby and mum!
Comparing bumps - who's bump bigger?
Meet other mums and make new friends for you and your baby!
Hanging out - What a gang!
Babies can play while mums workout.. 





The night before giving birth...

Exercising all through the months of pregnancy had many benefits, not only to me, but to my family and my new born (5 kg) baby as well. I managed to sail through the pregnancy without having most of symptoms that are so common for most women. I arrived to labor feeling at my best, positive and confident, giving natural birth to my second child within 4 hours from my first contraction.

We know that exercising while pregnant makes a huge difference in many aspects and caries verity of benefits. To learn more about why and how, please look into the attachments below.


Maya King,
11 Jul 2010, 19:50